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The Community Kitchen program is giving Shenul and her mother Minu a glimmer of optimism
10th January 2023 : Minu Kavindya, 23 years old pregnant woman lives in Weerapura village with her 5-year-old child Shenul. Shenul attends the Weerapura village preschool. The current economic crisis in Sri Lanka has severely impacted Shenul's family.
Story of Kajan
23rd June 2023 : Kajan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age. His parents, working as daily labourers performing odd jobs, couldn’t afford the medical care he needed, nor the time and expense it took to transport him long distances to the nearest care facility.
Story of Shenu
23rd June 2023 : Nilanti (37) lives with her husband, five children and in-laws in a small village in Monaragala District, Sri Lanka. Theirs is a large house made of homemade bricks and iron sheets and sandwiched between vast rice paddies, which now lay fallow.
Story of Pahasara
23rd June 2023 : Pahasara was diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition when he was just 3 months old. “I thought he was disabled,” his mother, Sumitra, (34) recalls. “He didn’t have the energy of a normal baby. He would hardly even move.”
Story of Umali
23rd June 2023 : The current economic crisis in Sri Lanka has affected every sector of society and every class of people in this island nation, but it is hardest on those who were experiencing hardship before the crisis began. These families lack a safety net to be able to survive extremely challenging times.
Maheesha and Anjula’s triumph over malnutrition
10th January 2023 : Little boys Maheesha (5 years old) and Anjula (3 years old) live in the village Mayuragama in Siyabalanduwa, Sri Lanka. Both their parents work as daily wage workers to make ends meet because their father, a farmer, and the family's primary breadwinner, has a chronic kidney condition.
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